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Winter Fog

The Mighty Benbulben creeping

above the Winter Fog.!

Taken from Tully, Strandhill.! 


Promoting STRANDHILL, Sligo, Land of Hearts Desire

Winter in Strandhill

STRANDHILL, SLIGO.... Remember the recent Snow ... Enjoy... As I have.

...........,MISSION STATEMENT...........
I hope you enjoy our website. Our mission is to share this scenic area with as many as we can. Sometimes it is hard to see the magic that is all around us. I find that through pictures we can capture what is beautiful, different and very natural. Hope you enjoy... IanO.


Ben Bulben is Ireland’s most distinctive mountain and known in some parts as Ireland's version of Table Mountain.

Located just north of the thriving town of Sligo, part of the range known as the Dartry Mountains, in the North West of Ireland, it presides over the town like a giant sentry monitoring the comings and goings of the people and the life with a watchful eye. Sligo County is known as Yeats Country after the great poet, William Butler Yeats, who was born there and is buried at the foot of his beloved Ben Bulben

The famous poem, Under Ben Bulben, (written by W. B. Yeats, after whom Yeats Country is named), is basically a description of Yeats Country. It describes the sights that he saw in Yeats Country. The following is an excerpt from Under Ben Bulben:


STRANDHILL SCENES All seasons, They say it never snows in Sligo because of the wild Atlantic effect.
Get out your Sleighs cause Snow is on the way again...


Strandhill is not just a beach and lovely
sunsets. It also has some really magical green
areas.. Take the Glen here on the side of Knocknarae mountain. A wonderous step back in time encompassing
rock sheets formed from Ice Glaciers. Some are over a hundered feet high!!!
Take a walk in the Glen, you will be impressed.
DIRECTIONS: pictures@strandhillscenes.com


Blackrock Lighthouse. A famous landmark fearuring Rosses Point and Strandhill


Dorrins Strand, Strandhill
This is an amazing spring sunset, I take an awful lot of snaps roud this area. Alas it is being threatened by a masive runway extension.!! Help save Dorrins Strand by logging on to www.dorrins.com



Welcome to Strandhill Scenes Website.
Our mission is to look at the beauty that surronds us and bring it to you. Sometimes it is hard to see beautiful scenes that are right in front of you.


When in Strandhill, Enjoy a nice Pint of the Black. ( Guinness )