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New Pictures from Strandhill Scenes

This Picture was taken as a Storm approached Strandhill. The wild Atlantic waves can

be Six Metres in Height!!. Next stop America!!


Wild Atlantic Waves in Strandhill

Benbulben Cottage is a quaint old Irish Cottage on the Road to Bundoran.

If you could stand higher you would see more of the Mountain.

The condition of the Cottage is stunning. It is a credit to the owners...


Benbulben Cottage
Nestling under Ben........

Hazel Wood, Sligo. Please go and Get lost

meandering around the Lake. The Scenery is

Breathtaking. Mind the Swans, They live there too....


Hazel Wood in the Autumn
A Nice walk

Oyster Island Sligo. In the background you can

see Coney house on Coney Island (well worth a visit)

You could actually buy this Island and have your own bit of paradise

in Sligo.... Wishful Thinking

Oyster Island
Rosses Point

This picture was taken on the approach road into Strandhill....

It's stunning Beauty gives you a feel for whats ahead. Stop

and ponder for a while. You can see four Islands from here.

Also Donegal is in the backgroud...

The Lighthouse is to the right of the Picture.....

On the Road to Strandhill

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